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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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Five Reasons to Surf North Korea

In case you need any more incentive…

We are getting pumped for our 2nd surf and SUP expedition to North Korea this August. For anyone needing an extra kick to sign up, here are 5 reasons to book a tour with us:

    1. For anyone who loves SUP or surfing, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. We are essentially building a surf culture from the ground up, something any enthusiast should be eager to get behind. We will be moving across the country, stopping at various lakes and rivers for standup paddling and taking in the beautiful scenery, and coasts for catching some waves and rays.
    1. As we are a smaller program, we have been granted access to locations unavailable to other tour programs. Most notably, we have access to the Taedong river, running directly through Pyongyang, for SUP. Take in North Koreas capital city while paddling down the Taedong river.
    1. On the same token, we are offering a more flexible and laid back approach to a North Korean tour. On one tour you can be carted around in sweaty 30 passenger buses learning city history on a very tight schedule. With us, enjoy a flexible schedule with more time experiencing the real North Korea, from speaking with locals to hitting the road away from tourist destinations.
    1. Obviously, this is also the chance to immerse yourself in the most isolated culture on the planet. Teaching surfing and SUP is the best way to open some dialogue and learn directly from locals.
  1. Of course we will also be checking out all the essential sightseeing of North Korea. Some of these essentials include the Grand Theatre over Sungri Street, Kim Il Sung Square, monuments on Mansudae hill and the Juche tower, the Taedong river, the 1st of May stadium and so much more.

We’ve done our best to make this experience once in a lifetime. If this isn’t enough and you need a little more incentive, feel free to call the office anytime. We’d be thrilled to answer any remaining questions or talk through any concerns.

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